Our Business Planning Process

The steps we take in building your plan


The Idea

You have a brilliant idea that you want to transform into a viable business operation. But where do you start? What makes your idea different? How do you make money? What are product and labor costs going to be? Who are your customers? What is your pricing strategy? What you need is a business plan. And for that, you have come to the right place!


The Discovery

You work with us and we will help you develop your idea into a sustainable business concept. During discovery, it is our job to clearly understand your concept so that we can prepare comprehensive and pinpoint accurate financial projections. We will also use this time, to challenge your assumptions, propose new ideas and answer questions. Once the concept is clear, we begin creating your plan.


The Financial Projections

We build you a detailed two-year financial forecast, including projected sales, revenues, costs, expenses and expected earnings. We also include a 5-year summary projection. We then identify your start-up costs. We build your financial forecast with your involvement; so you know exactly where each and every number comes from and can explain it to a lender. Our plans are deliberately weighted heavily on the financial forecasting side because this is exactly what Banks, Lenders, Investors, VCs, and Angels are looking for.


The Written Plan

In this stage, we start writing the plan and again involve you. We include an overview of the marketplace and your business. We detail what makes your business different from your competition. We outline your sales and marketing strategies. We also explain how the business will be managed and include your roster of strategic partners. But most importantly, we will be clear, concise and to the point. We know that no one has the time or patience to read any more; so we give them only what they want and need.


The Presentation

We format your plan to make it appealing, simple to follow and easy to read. Your readers will thank you. We also prepare you to “defend” your plan by going over it with you in detail. Although you have been involved throughout the process, we coach you on how to present your plan in the most effective manner.

We will help you.