Plan 2 Profit E-Book Series

Written By Business Expert Paul Morgan

$299 $197

Includes 10 e-books:

Introductory Guide to How to Open a Business
How to Develop, Test & Deliver your Concept!
How to Forecast Revenues for Your Business
How to Forecast Cost of Goods Sold – COGS
How to Price Your Products and Services
How to Estimate Your Labour Costs!
How to Develop a Simple MIS for your Business
How to Lease the Right Space for a Business
How to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service
How to Buy a Business

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Great series, very informative! Looking forward to more e-books from Paul and the team.

A must read for not just entrepreneurs but for everyone! Gained a lot of valuable knowledge for sure.

Good series overall, really enjoyed the “How To Start A Business” e-book  the most.

Thanks a lot to Paul for recommending this series to me, a fantastic read with lots of valuable insight and knowledge.

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