We Answer Your Questions

How much does a business plan cost?

This is the first question on everyone’s mind. We do not have set prices though and for good reason. Any business plan writer who presents you with a fixed price, or price per page, has set a cap on the amount of time and resources they’re willing to give you. This is not right. We will work with you and provide a competitive quote based on your unique needs. Any other pricing model is taking advantage of you. You should never have to pay for the weight of a plan or for a set number of hours that other “writers” have predetermined to give you.

What success rate do you have for getting people funded?

Around 95% at last count. We are getting better every month because we respond to lender market demands.

What happens if my business model changes before I present my plan?

If your business model changes then we can change the structure of your plan. Our job is to get you funded and that means we will go the extra mile. We have reworked many plans because the entrepreneur changes his or her mind midstream based on our findings.

Do your business plans meet bank requirements?

Absolutely. In fact, banks love our plans and so refer clients to us. We are always working with banks to make sure that we give them what they want and need. You win because of it.

Can I pitch your business plan to an investor?

Yes. We will even help you prepare to meet with an investor. This is what we call Lender Training and Pitch Preparation.

Do your business plans meet requirements for government grants/SBLs?

We develop a plan that is “bank ready”. We can also write your plans to meet the specialized requirements of specific lending institutions. For a grant, they’ll have a few specialized requirements and you can forward us that information.

What is a Financial Forecast and do I really need one?

A financial forecast “proves” your concept and shows how your business generates profits. It is what lenders and investors look to first and it is what acts as your blueprint for your business success. We recommend a financial forecast when you have an idea for a business and want to see if it can be viable, sustainable and profitable.

Do you offer business plan templates?

No, because we do not believe in templates. Trying to shoehorn your unique business model into an all-in-one template is like trying to build a garage with the blueprints for a tractor. Every business is different and so every business plan should be different. If you have your plan built using a template, the reader/lender will easily recognize it.

How long does it take to get a fully finished plan – start to finish?

On average, 7 to 10 days. We do the heavy lifting but will require your valued input throughout. It is your business.

How do I receive my plan? Will I be able to edit it later? Can I call you if I need help?

You receive a completed plan in Word and as a PDF. You also receive all the supporting documents and spreadsheets so you can edit as you see fit going forward. And, we will always be available if you need us. We are partners from this day forth.

Who actually writes my plan?

You work with Paul. You talk with Paul. He completes your financial forecast and scripts the written part. He works “with” you so you are working together through the entire process. Lucky you!

Is there a business you won’t write a plan for?

We’ve been in the business plan business for over 15 years and there is just about nothing we haven’t seen or done.

Can you help me after I get my loan and now want to start my business?
Of course. Since we are all business owners ourselves, we can help you set up your business and make sure that you do it “right”. We have strategic partners with expertise in marketing, sales, operations, bookkeeping, human resources, essentially everything you’ll need to run a successful business.

Will you help me identify my start-up costs?

As part of the financial forecasting piece, we work with you to clearly itemize all of your pre-opening costs, from completing capital improvements to buying equipment and from marketing your start-up to making deposits for rent and utilities…..and much more.

You always talk about the importance of my team. Who do I need on my team?

Lenders want to see that you are not “going it alone”. You will need a lawyer, accountant, business advisor, banker and it is also important to have a few mentors on your side. There is strength in numbers.

We will help you.