Introductory Guide to How to Open a Business

Learn the several key steps that you must follow if you are going to open a successful business!

You want to understand what starting a business is all about and you don’t want to spend two years going back to school full time and don’t want to take 100 night-school classes to understand how to do it.  You just want the basics and you want them right now.

This handbook will give you all the information you need to know and does so in less than half an hour. And the writer is someone who has actually opened and operated businesses that you are thinking about doing.

Learn before you leap.  It’s a long way down.

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How to Develop, Test & Deliver your Concept!

A fully-developed concept is the First Step to get your new business off the ground!

Some people who have an idea, make the mistake of thinking that with that idea they can start a business.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  It is what you do with the idea that is most important.  And what you need to do is develop that idea into a concept.

In this 10 page Handbook you will learn to develop your idea into a profitable and money-making business.

By going through this process you will fully develop your concept to the point where you will be able to know how many people you need to hire, how big a space you need to rent, what products you have to have and at what cost, and who you see as your ideal customer.

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How to Forecast Revenues for Your Business

Before you start working on your business you have to have a very good idea how much money you are going to generate.

So what is the secret?

You do this by building a revenue model for your business.  You have to estimate customer visits, average spends per transaction and sales month over month.

In this 10-page Handbook you will learn where your revenues come from and how much revenues your business will realistically generate in its first year of business.

Wouldn’t you like to know what kind of sales you are going to generate before you open your business.

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How to Forecast Cost of Goods Sold – COGS

Can you afford to ‘guess’ what your costs are, or do you want to ‘know’ what they are?

Most business operators do not understand cost of goods sold.  How about costs versus margins?  Nope.  The result?  They hope that their costs are in line. One of the keys to your business viability is having a handle on those Cost of Goods Sold.

In this 12-page Handbook we will break down a complicated and vital issue into something that makes sense and helps you make money.

In the end, you will discover if you have priced your products and/or services properly.

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How to Price Your Products and Services

Before you can make the decision to open a business, you have to have a good handle on what you are going to charge for your goods and/or services.

People forget how important it is to figure out their pricing in advance of deciding to open a business.

In this 13-page Haffhour Handbook we will teach you the ins and outs of pricing – understanding the difference between costs and margins and building a pricing strategy that will help you show a profit.

We’ll make you think before you set a price.  It’s only your money.

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How to Estimate Your Labour Costs!

In most cases the number one cost in any operation is the cost of paying employees.

Before you start to open a business, you have to know what your labour costs will be.  Think about it.  In this handbook we break down labour into its base components and allow you to forecast your labour costs in advance of opening.

Good thing – Absolutely vital to your success.

We will show you how to determine what your labor costs are in the first year of operation and how you can control them from getting out of control.

Can you afford to hire an assistant?  Now you’ll know the answer.

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